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We Started A Chocolate Hockey Discord

We started a Chocolate Hockey Discord

We’re 14 days past the beginning of free agency, and we’re starting to go insane. That’s why we decided to start a Chocolate Hockey Discord server.

For those that don’t know, Discord a text and voice chat app that was built for gaming, but has expanded much further past that. It’s a great way to talk amongst friends and people who love the same thing; a la the Hershey Bears. That’s why we created a Chocolate Hockey Discord: because we wanted to give Bears fans a way to talk Chocolate and White hockey, as well as anything they might be enjoying right now, like a hot new TV show or a recently released movie.

We have a large open lobby for general Bears talk, along with a few smaller text channels for anything and everything.

Discord is free and easy to use, both on desktop and mobile. You can download the app and create an account.

After that, join our server and start chatting Bears hockey with other Bears fans as well as the Chocolate Hockey crew.

It’s actually impossible to miss this link to our Discord Server.

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